So as I sit here in my few moments of silence, between my three year snuggling up for his 2 hour nap, and my two other handsome sons about to arrive home, I am trying to take some time to reflect on the things I did well and was successful at this year, and the things I may need to work on just a little. Yes... That was a giant run on sentence! Anyway, over the past year I have gone through quite a few changes in my life. Moving our family across the country, starting my own dream business, taking care of three little boys, blogging, tweeting, texting, facebooking, designing, and somehow trying to be a good wife... all at the same time. I have realized that... Laundry can wait, dishes can sit, toys can be picked up later, and I just can't possibly work and make everyone happy 24 hours a day. What truly matters are the little moments that we somehow overlook in the craziness we call life. The smell of the clean ocean air, the innocence of our children's faces as they go round and round on the merry-go-round and manage to waive to mommy and daddy with a smile every time around. The smell of dinner cooking, and the family sitting down together to eat. Oh, and lets not forget the few quiet moments each night when you go in and check on your sleeping children before you go to bed. I guess that sometimes we get so caught up in the craziness of the moment, work, cleaning, being a mommy, and running a business, that we tend to overlook or underappreciate the things that really matter.

Ok... My times up! Sorry for the rambling. All in all, it's been a great year. I couldn’t possibly tell you all that I’ve learned in this one post, so over the next few weeks I am hoping to post more about the goals I have set for myself for this year. I thank all of you that have taken the time to read my posts and visit my site.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy holiday season!