We have all been shocked and saddened by the calamitous earthquake that has devastated Haiti. Our hearts, prayers and best wishes go out to the people of Haiti and to their friends and family around the world. I'm sure that like me, you feel so heartbroken and helpless in face of the suffering of the Haitian people. Every part of Port-au-Prince was either damaged or destroyed by the quake. Homes, schools, hospitals, even the National Palace where the president resides, were all decimated. Injured children that lost contact with their parents are taking refuge in collapsed buildings and under debris. Haiti’s infrastructure is already very modest and has now been brought to its knees by the quake. Disease, hunger and lawlessness are taking their toll on the people. Nothing will bring back those who have perished, but the survivors need our help. That's why I've decided to donate 10% of  of the proceeds from all of our sales for the next month at Love baby J to the Red Cross International Response Fund. The Red Cross has been helping those in need since 1881 and they have already pledged an initial 1 million towards Haiti Relief... let's help them give more.